We design all of our cashmere products in the UK and they are handmade for us in Nepal.

We use 100% cashmere or a mixed cashmere wool yarn and silk when lining is required. Cashmere (which comes from combing the underbelly of the purpose bred Himalayan goat each Summer), wool and silk are all natural biodegradable fibres.

We knit, dye and finish product in the same location in Nepal, so have absolute control over the production process. We use Azo free Swiss eco friendly dyes along with purified soft Himalayan water for dyeing and washing; all factory discharge is within Nepal's legal limits and every effort is made to reduce, reuse and recycle all waste wherever possible.

Our "factory" is a family owned and managed operation and every member of the team is important. They are well respected and paid and have a safe and inclusive environment within which to work.

Since 2018/19 we have been using clear biodegradable packaging.

The majority of our brand labels are made from at least 50% recycled polyester and are woven in the UK at a factory run from renewable energy and our satin care labels are made from recycled plastic bottles.

We are of course committed to improving our sustainability across all aspects of our business.